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Instructions for Form 1040-EZ

Should You Use Another Form?(p5)

For Use in Tax Year 2013
Even if you can use Form 1040EZ, it may benefit you to use Form 1040A or 1040 instead. For example, you can claim the head of household filing status (which usually results in a lower tax than single) only on Form 1040A or 1040. You can claim the retirement savings contributions credit (saver's credit) only on Form 1040A or 1040. Use TeleTax topic 610.
Tax benefits for education.(p5)
For Use in Tax Year 2013
If you paid higher education expenses, you may be eligible for a tax credit or deduction. You may be eligible to claim a credit (and receive a refund) even if you owe no income tax. You must file Form 1040A or 1040 to claim these tax benefits. For more information on tax benefits for education, see Pub. 970.
Itemized deductions.(p5)
For Use in Tax Year 2013
You can itemize deductions only on Form 1040. You will benefit by itemizing if your itemized deductions total more than your standard deduction. For 2013, the standard deduction is $6,100 for most single people and $12,200 for most married people filing a joint return. Use TeleTax topic 501. But if someone can claim you (or your spouse if married) as a dependent, your standard deduction is the amount on line E of the Worksheet for Line 5 on the back of Form 1040EZ.