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Publication 225

Domestic Production Activities Deduction(p24)

Generally, you are allowed a deduction for income attributable to domestic production activities. You can deduct 9% of the lesser of your qualified production activities income or your taxable income (adjusted gross income for individuals) for the tax year. Your deduction is limited to 50% of the Form W-2 wages you paid for the tax year that are properly allocable to domestic production gross receipts.
For this purpose, Form W-2 wages do not include noncash wages paid for agricultural labor, such as compensation paid as commodities. Also, excluded from Form W-2 wages are wages paid to your children under age 18 and nontaxable fringe benefits.

Income from cooperatives.(p24)

If you receive a patronage dividend or qualified per-unit retain allocation from a cooperative which is engaged in the manufacturing, production, growth, or extraction in whole or in significant part of any agricultural or horticultural product or in the marketing of agricultural or horticultural products, your income from the cooperative can give rise to a domestic production activities deduction. This deduction amount is reported on Form 1099-PATR, box 6. In order for you to qualify for the deduction, the cooperative is required to send you a written notice designating your portion of the domestic production activities deduction.

More information.(p24)

For more information on the domestic production activities deduction, see the Instructions for Form 8903.