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Publication 505

Figuring Your Required Annual Payment
(Part I)(p53)

For Use in Calendar Year 2015
Figure your required annual payment in Part I of Form 2210, following the line-by-line instructions. If you rounded the entries on your tax return to whole dollars, you can round on Form 2210.


The tax on Lori Lane's 2013 return was $12,400. Her AGI was not more than $150,000 for either 2013 or 2014. The tax on her 2014 return (Form 1040, line 56) is $13,044. Line 57 (self-employment tax) is $8,902. Her 2014 total tax is $21,946.
For 2014, Lori had $1,600 income tax withheld and made four equal estimated tax payments ($1,000 each). 90% of her 2014 tax is $19,751. Because she paid less than her 2013 tax ($12,400) and less than 90% of her 2014 tax ($19,751), and does not meet an exception, Lori knows that she owes a penalty for underpayment of estimated tax. The IRS will figure the penalty for Lori, but she decides to figure it herself on Form 2210 and pay it with her taxes when she files her tax return.
Lori's required annual payment is $12,400 (100% of 2013 tax) because that is smaller than 90% of her 2014 tax.

Different 2013 filing status.(p53)

For Use in Calendar Year 2015
If you file a separate return for 2014, but you filed a joint return with your spouse for 2013, see 2013 joint return and 2014 separate returns, earlier, to figure the amount to enter as your 2013 tax on line 8 of Form 2210.