Schedule E (Form 1040) Page 2

Summary: This is an example of Schedule E (Form 1040), page 2, as pertains to the text. The completed line items are:
28. (a) Name(b) Enter P for partnership; S for S corporation(d) Employer identification number(e) Check if any amount is not at risk
A. Partnership #2 (EDPA)P10-1672810not checked
B. Partnership #3 (EDPA)P10-9876243not checked
C. Partnership #1P10-5566650not checked
D. Partnership #4P10-7435837not checked
Passive Income and LossNonpassive Income and Loss
(f) Passive loss allowed (attach Form 8582 if required)(g) Passive income from Schedule K-1(h)Nonpassive loss from Schedule K-1
A. From P.T.P. (3,645)  
B. (9,000)
C. (2,600)4,000 
D. (148)  

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