Schedule E (Form 1040) Supplemental Income and Loss 2009

Summary: This is an example of Schedule E (Form 1040) 2009 as pertains to the text. The completed line items are:
 Properties: AProperties: BTotals (Add columns A, B, and C.)
Income: 3. Rents received25,0008,30033,300
Expenses: 5. Advertising600210 
Expenses: 7. Cleaning and Maintenance1,500525 
Expenses: 8. Commissions1,200420 
Expenses: 9. Insurance2,000700 
Expenses: 10. Legal and other professional fees1,000390 
Expenses: 12. Mortgage interest paid to banks, etcetera. (see page E-5)9,0008,51017,510
Expenses: 14. Repairs700245 
Expenses: 15. Supplies600210 
Expenses: 16. Taxes2,000700 
Expenses: 17. Utilities2,400840 
Expenses: 18. Other (list) field contains Wages and salaries9,0003,150 
19. Add lines 5 through 1830,00015,90045,900
20. Depreciation expense or depletion (see page E-5)10,0004,00014,000
21. Total expenses. Add lines 19 and 2040,00019,900 
22. Income or (loss) from rental real estate or royalty properties. Subtract line 21 from line 3 (rents) or line 4 (royalties). If the result is a (loss), see page E-5 to find out if you must file Form 6198negative 15,000negative 11,600 
23. Deductible rental real estate loss. Caution. Your rental real estate loss on line 22 may be limited. See page E-5 to find out if you must file Form 8582. Real estate professionals must complete line 43 on page 2negative 6,155negative 3,546 

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