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Instructions for Schedule F (Form 1040)

Line C(p2)

If you use the cash method, check box 1, Cash. Complete Schedule F, Parts I and II. In most cases, report income in the year in which you actually or constructively received it and deduct expenses in the year you paid them. However, if the payment of an expenditure creates an asset having a useful life that extends substantially beyond the close of the year, it may not be deductible or may be deductible only in part for the year of the payment. See chapter 2 of Pub. 225.
If you use an accrual method, check box 2, Accrual. Complete Schedule F, Parts II, III, and Part I, line 11. Generally, report income in the year in which you earned it and deduct expenses in the year you incurred them, even if you did not pay them in that year. Accrual basis taxpayers are put on a cash basis for deducting business expenses owed to a related cash-basis taxpayer. Other rules determine the timing of deductions based on economic performance. See Pub. 538.
Farming syndicates.(p2)
Farming syndicates cannot use the cash method of accounting. A farming syndicate may be a partnership, any other noncorporate group, or an S corporation if: