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Publication 527
Residential Rental Property
Introduction, Useful Items and Important Changes
For use in Preparing 2010 Returns

Chapter 1
Rental Income and Expenses (If No Personal Use of Dwelling)

Rental Income

When To Report
Types of Income

Rental Expenses

When To Deduct
Types of Expenses

Chapter 2
Depreciation of Rental Property

The Basics

What Rental Property Can Be Depreciated?
When Does Depreciation Begin and End?
Depreciation Methods
Basis of Depreciable Property

Claiming the Special Depreciation Allowance

MACRS Depreciation

Depreciation Systems
Property Classes Under GDS
Recovery Periods Under GDS
Figuring Your Depreciation Deduction
Figuring MACRS Depreciation Under ADS

Claiming the Correct Amount of Depreciation

Chapter 3
Reporting Rental Income, Expenses, and Losses

Which Forms To Use

Schedule E (Form 1040)
Schedule C (Form 1040), Profit or Loss From Business

Limits on Rental Losses

At-Risk Rules
Passive Activity Limits

Casualties and Thefts

Illustrated Example

Chapter 4
Special Situations




Property Changed to Rental Use

Basis of Property Changed to Rental Use
Figuring the Depreciation Deduction

Renting Part of Property

Not Rented for Profit

Illustrated Example— Property Changed to Rental Use

Chapter 5
Personal Use of Dwelling Unit (Including Vacation Home)

What Is a Day of Personal Use?

Days Used for Repairs and Maintenance

Dwelling Unit Used as a Home

Exceptions to Use as a Home

Figuring Rental Income and Deductions

Dividing Expenses
Limit on Deductions

Reporting Income and Deductions

Illustrated Example

Completing Worksheet 5-1
Schedule E (Form 1040)

Chapter 6
How To Get Tax Help