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Index of Instructions for Form 1040-EZTOC
Commissioner's message, A Message From the Commissioner
Common mistakes, checklist to avoid, Return Checklist
Death of a taxpayer, Death of a Taxpayer
Death of spouse, Death of a Taxpayer
Debt held by the public, gift to reduce, How do you make a gift to reduce debt held by the public?
Direct deposit of refund, Why Use Direct Deposit?
Disclosure, Privacy Act, and Paperwork Reduction Act notice, Disclosure, Privacy Act, and Paperwork Reduction Act Notice
Filing instructions:
When to file, When Should You File?
First-time homebuyer credit, First-time homebuyer credit.
Form W-2:
Not received or incorrect, Missing or incorrect form W-2?
Free tax return assistance, Free Tax Return Assistance.
Household employee:
Identity Protection PIN, Identity protection pin.
Income tax withheld (federal), Line 7, Federal Income Tax Withheld
Injured spouse, Injured spouse.
Installment payments, What if You Cannot Pay?
Interest income:
Interest, late payment of tax, What if You Cannot Pay?
Kidnapped child, parent of, Parent of a Kidnapped Child
Married persons, Married filing jointly.
Payments and tax:
Amount you owe, Amount You Owe
What if you cannot pay?, What if You Cannot Pay?
Presidential election $3 check-off, Presidential Election Campaign Fund
Private delivery service, Private delivery services.
Railroad retirement benefits treated as social security, Social Security Benefits
Refund, Refund
Refunds of state and local income taxes, Refunds of State or Local Income Taxes
Resident alien, Resident aliens.
Return checklist to avoid mistakes, Return Checklist
Round off to whole dollars, Rounding Off to Whole Dollars
Scholarship and fellowship grants, Enter the total of your wages, salaries,...
Signing your return, Signing Your Return
Single person, Single.
Social security benefits, Social Security Benefits
Social security number, Social Security Number (SSN)
State and local income taxes, refunds of, Refunds of State or Local Income Taxes
Tax figured by the IRS, Line 10, Tax
Tax table, Tax Tables
Tax-exempt interest, Tax-Exempt Interest
Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS), The Taxpayer Advocate Service Is Here To Help
Telephone assistance, federal tax information, TeleTax Topics
Third party designee, Third Party Designee
What's new, What's New
When you should file, When Should You File?
Who can use Form 1040EZ, Checklist for Using Form 1040EZ
Who should file, Do You Have To File?
Withholding and estimated tax payments for 2012,