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Instructions for Form 1040



Line 62(p44)


Federal Income Tax Withheld(p44)

Add the amounts shown as federal income tax withheld on your Forms W-2, W-2G, and 1099-R. Enter the total on line 62. The amount withheld should be shown in box 2 of Form W-2 or W-2G, and in box 4 of Form 1099-R. Attach Forms W-2G and 1099-R to the front of your return if federal income tax was withheld.
If you received a 2011 Form 1099 showing federal income tax withheld on dividends, taxable or tax-exempt interest income, unemployment compensation, social security benefits, or other income you received, include the amount withheld in the total on line 62. This should be shown in box 4 of Form 1099 or box 6 of Form SSA-1099.

Line 63(p44)


2011 Estimated Tax Payments(p44)

Enter any estimated federal income tax payments you made for 2011. Include any overpayment that you applied to your 2011 estimated tax from:
If you and your spouse paid joint estimated tax but are now filing separate income tax returns, you can divide the amount paid in any way you choose as long as you both agree. If you cannot agree, you must divide the payments in proportion to each spouse's individual tax as shown on your separate returns for 2011. For an example of how to do this, see Pub. 505. You may want to attach an explanation of how you and your spouse divided the payments. Be sure to show both social security numbers (SSNs) in the space provided on the separate returns. If you or your spouse paid separate estimated tax but you are now filing a joint return, add the amounts you each paid. Follow these instructions even if your spouse died in 2011 or in 2012 before filing a 2011 return.

Divorced Taxpayers(p44)

If you got divorced in 2011 and you made joint estimated tax payments with your former spouse, enter your former spouse's SSN in the space provided on the front of
Form 1040. If you were divorced and remarried in 2011, enter your present spouse's SSN in the space provided on the front of Form 1040. Also, under the heading Payments to the left of line 63, enter your former spouse's SSN, followed by DIV.

Name Change(p44)

If you changed your name because of marriage, divorce, etc., and you made estimated tax payments using your former name, attach a statement to the front of Form 1040. On the statement, explain all the payments you and your spouse made in 2011 and the name(s) and SSN(s) under which you made them.